Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


All the product in our FlexiDrive on-line shop under http://www.floppyemulator.com/products/ are commercialized by Ariel Menna – Flexible Services e.K. – Germany (“Flexible Services e.K.”) worldwide except in Argentina.

Our product FlexiDrive is a floppy drive replacement for standard floppy drive units and are tested and used on many different machines and equipment for many customers.

Anyhow is not possible for us to test the FlexiDrive products on all type of equipment/machines and conditions where the FlexiDrive will be installed.

The Company or Person that order/but a FlexiDrive product (“Customer/Buyer”) must read and accept the Terms and Conditions to complete the purchase order.

The following conditions are accepted by the Customer/Buyer after accept the Terms and Conditions during the checkout process.

The Customer/Buyer is responsible for the installation, connection and setup of the FlexiDrive product on the machine, equipment or device where the FlexiDrive will be installed (“Host System”).

The installation of a FlexiDrive product it must be done according to the documentation and instruction provided by FlexiDrive delivered with the FlexiDrive products or sent by email or in format .pdf like Product User guide and Software Tools Manual.

Flexible Services e.K. is not responsible for any damage, error, fault or detriment that may cause direct or indirect by the installation of a FlexiDrive unit in the Host System.

Flexible Services e.K. is not responsible for any program lost, data lost or information lost on the host system or on the media (USB Stick, SD Card or floppy disk) or for wrong/lost data transfer e form/to the Host System where the FlexiDrive product is installed.

Flexible Services e.K. is not responsible for any stop in the production, downtime, production lost or any event related direct or indirect with the installation of a FlexiDrive unit in the Host System or installation of the Customer/Buyer.

The final validation of the correct functionality is a responsibility of the Customer/Buyer or FlexiDrive user and is the Customer/Buyer who accept the correct functionality of the FlexiDrive product.

The Customer/Buyer have 30 days after the date of your purchase to return the product and receive a refund of the payment excluding the shipping cost. After this period is not possible to return the product.


Limited Guaranty


One (1) Year Standard Limited Warranty (“Limited Warranty”) for all FlexiDrive products

What Does Your Warranty Cover? Ariel Menna – Flexible Services e.K. (“Flexible Services e.K.”) warrants that the FlexiDrive – Floppy Drive Update branded product you purchased for your end use (“FlexiDrive Product”) is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use during the Limited Warranty Period. This Limited Warranty only covers Products purchased as new.

How Long Does This Warranty Last? One (1) year after the date of your purchase (“Limited Warranty Period”)

What the Customer have to do? If a FlexiDrive product fails or has a mal function, the Customer/Buyer has to inform about the fault or mal function with a short description and inform the Serial Number of the fail unit. After receive the OK from Flexible Services e.K., should ship the fault unit to the return address informed by Flexible Services e.K. using a shipping method with on-line tracking. The cost of the shipping to return the fault unit is on charge of the Customer/Buyer.

What Will Flexible Services e.K. do? If the Product fails to work as warranted, Flexible Services e.K. will, in its sole discretion, repair or replace the Product or part with a new or remanufactured product/part that is at least equivalent to the original Product/part. Flexible Services e.K. will pay for shipment of the replacement Product using the same shipping service that was used on the original order.