What’s New?



FlexiDriveMV is the new product developed to replace all Floppy Drive Units. Introduce the new technology M² (MultiFormat.MultiVolume) that ensures to cover all user needs.


Multiformat works using Image Files of your floppy disks and allows to Auto Tuning your FlexiDrive unit acording to the capacity of your actual floppy disks. No more jumpers setup. Now with MultiFormat No configuration or setup is needed.


MultiVolume allows to store all your floppy disks in a single SD Card or Pen Drive. M² makes this easy because allows to store the image files of your disks of different applications, sizes and formats. You can store up to 2500 disks ( as disks images files .ima )  in different folders and with different names . Now with MultiVolumen you have all your application in a single media!

1 SD Card or Pen Drive = up to 2500 Floppy Disks. Great!


SingleVolume is optimal when you need to replace the media but you don’t need higher capacity in the media. In this case you use the  media ( SD Card or Pen Drive ) formatted in the same way that in your actual floppy disks. ( i.e. 1.44Mb or 720Kb, etc ) using the FlexiFormat Tool. Then you can transfer the files directly to the media using the Windows. SingleVolume makes it Easy to Use. No changes for the Operators of the machine. Recommended for inexpert users or production operators.

1 SD Card or Pen Drive = 1 Floppy Disk. Easy!


Now the operation is really simple with a new keyboard and alphanumeric display. You can explore your SD Card or Pen Drive and select witch disk image file you want to work. Also you can organize your disks in folders into the media and use the name that your prefer to make easily to identify the correct disk and make simple and faster the operation.


For any Machine, Equipment or Device that has a Floppy Drive unit and use floppy disk’s. Update your equipment in a Easy Way. Just remove your old Floppy Drive Unit, connect the FlexiDrive and ready. Same size, same mounting holes, same connectors. You don’t need to install any driver or software in your Machine/Equipment. Totally transparent for the machine. We have different options of data connectors. Standard 34 pin flat cable or 26 pins flat cable ( Floppy Drive Slim Version ). Also we can adapt or customize the Cabinet to different sizes, materials or looking. We can customize the product for your customers with your Logo and contact info.


USB Port for a Pen Drive or SD Socket for SD Card. You can choose. SD card is the most safe and robust media of the market. Not coincidentally is the actual media used in Mobile Phones and Video Cameras. This makes sure the continuity and compatibility in the future. The data transfer rate is better compared with a USB Pendrive and have less electrics. We recommend SD Card for Industrial application when is necessary a in unfavorable conditions. USB Pendrive is very popular and is OK for not Industrial Application, like Home , Keyboards, etc.


When you talk about a floppy emulator that can storage more than one single floppy disk in the media you need to include all the files of this single floppy disk into a “File” or “Folder” in the file system. All of the others floppy emulators use application tools with non-standards file systems. Then you have not other option that use an special application to manage your files. If the supplier of this product don’t update this tool ( i.e. if this tool just is working on old Windows XP ) you have not another option. You only are able to use this specific tool. By contrast, our Applications Tools use standard files system ( images files .ima ), the you can manage your disks directly using Windows or DOS and inject or extract your files using open tools like WinImage, Nero, etc. ( you can use any program that manage .ima files ). This mean that with FlexiDrive products you have Windows file system compatibility for the future.


Remote provides the ability to control the FlexiDrive unit by a remote application, facilitating the tasks of loading of operating systems, backups and maintenance tasks in situations where the unit is some distance from the main controller of your machine. *Under development – Currently not available.