SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal Floppy Drive Update

SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal floppy drive update

FlexiDriveS-SD-Slim-XS is a direct replacement of the 3.5″ slim floppy drive unit on SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal

and on all maritime equipment with floppy drive units.

All your files and data on an SD memory card!

No more Floppies!

Single-Volume version (FlexiDrive-S)

The SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal will see the FlexiDrive as a standard floppy disk unit. No changes in the software or on the SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal settings are necessary.

The storage capacity on the media (SD Card) will be the same as a single floppy disk (1.44MB, 720KB, 1.2MB or 360KB depending of your application)

All DOS-compatible formats supported.

Direct file management on the media from Windows or Mac iOS (copy/move/edit from/to the SD Card)

Simple solution/Easy to use/Same procedure as using a floppy disk but using an SD Card.

The goal of S version is to update to new media without any changes for the SAILOR TT-3606E Message Terminal users/operators.

Message terminal TT-3606E / DT-4646E



Slim XS Cabinet Version: 101,6 x 100 x 12.5 mm

26-way FPC connector – Pitch 1.0mm

1(one) SD Card = 1 Floppy Disc.

1(one) 4GB SD Card included formatted to 1.44MB.

Availability: Stock Germany


You can order here:



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