Why use a FlexiDrive?

You know that the Floppy Drive Units and the Floppy Disks are close to disappear of the market.

Now is time to think about update your Equipment to an actual media

Think in FlexiDrive

  • Increase the reliability of your equipment
  • Allow to load/save your files and programs in a safe way
  • Reduce faults and down times in your process


  • Replace any Floppy Drives Unit on any Equipment / Machine
  • Developed for old industrial equipment’s that are not obsolete and still in production.
  • CNC Machines, Medical equipment, Laboratory, Textile machines, Industrial Systems, etc, etc, etc…
  • Multi or Single Volume.
  • Easy to install / Easy to Use.
  • SD flash card/USB Pendrive – The actual safer medias.
  • All Formats supported, also Custom or Non-Standard formats.
  • No drivers or additional software is needed.
  • Full Plug&Play.
  • Aluminum Cabinet prepared for Industrial conditions.



Load and Save files and programs in safety and easy way.

  • Safety Backup & Restore.
  • Operating Systems installation and Booting from the media 100% Supported
  • Transfer the files to your Notebook or PC in a fast a safe way.
  • No more floppy disks!



Only you know better than us where it is to replace a floppy drive.

We just give you the solution.

  • CNC Machines, Metal-Fabrication, Automotive, Industrial Process.
  • Aeronautics, Naval Laboratory, Measuring, Robotics, Boat.
  • Consumption, Textile, Embroidery machine, Jacquard, Knitting machine.
  • DEC systems, Intel iRMX86, NEC PC 9801, Yokogawa ORM1200.
  • Cash register, ATM, Cumputers Systems, Control Systems, Access Control Systems.
  • Music Instruments, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Professional Audio, Illuminating Systems.
  • Electro-medicine, Tomography, Gamma equipment, X-ray systems, Diagnostic.
  • No more floppy disks!

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