FlexiConnect for ABB IRC5 Robots – Backup and Connectivity Tool

ABB Robots IRC5 Connectivity Tool

FlexiConect for ABB IRC5 Robot Controllers – Automatic Backups and Connectivity

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FlexiConnect is a software product that allows you to be in control of your Robot installation and production. Once your ABB IRC5 robots are connect to a network FlexiConnect allows you to safe-guard and optimize your investment in robotics!

Safe-Guard your Robot Data

Would you run a business without safe-guarding mission-critical data? Many companies have weak or nonexistent solutions for routine robot backup while having full backup of their office data, such as Word or Excel documents. Disruptions from power failures, equipment repairs, and unauthorized program changes problems can wreak havoc on productivity. FlexiConnect offers the possibility to safe-guard your data by scheduling automatic backup and permanent archiving of robot programs, configuration files, and other production files from the robot. Release of this responsibility to the maintenance or production staff.

Think of FlexiConnect as an insurance policy to minimize downtime.


Improve Your Uptime

When it comes to improving uptime, the first thing you need is information on Real-Time. FlexiConnect empowers you to make informed decisions by supplying a wide variety of actionable

Information that answer:
• All the Robots are running?
• If not, Why?
• What are the most common errors?
• How can I monitor preventative maintenance? needs?

Controller Real-Time status.

Just in one click you will know the actual status of the controller.

Motor-On status, operating mode, RAPID execution, Overall Speed Manipulator Type, Serial number, Calibration status. Task and Modules

Also you can save to your PC the modules on line to edit and analyze also off line with the Robot in production.

Automatic Backup

FlexiConnect offers the unique ability to perform unattended backups of the robot systems without the need to interrupt production. The flexible backup scheduler allows you run backups for all the select Robots on the network. Backups can be performed daily, weekly or monthly in any combination. With ready access to backup archives, FlexiConnect enables quick recovery of robot programs, configuration files, and other files to the robot. Automatic backup’s names are generated including a custom description to be easy to identify the systems in your plant. Date and Time stamp could be included on the backup name. You have the possibilities to keep all previous backups or overwrite the old ones according to your needs.

FlexiConnect includes all that you need to safe-guard your robot data.

FlexiConnect – Automatic Backup ABB IRC5

Error Log Viewer

FlexiConnect allows a direct access on Real-Time to the error logs of the robot.

You will see the message type, error number, title and a short description and a full description like in the FlexPendant.

Also you can filter by error type and save the error logs to a file in your computer.

Device Browser

Sometimes you need to know some specific information of one or several robots to verify some data.

For example, to know with software options has the robot installed, which hardware is on this robot, with model of Drive Unit has, the hardware revision of this Drive Unit, etc. All this information is available on the FlexPendant using the System Info windows.

FlexiConnect allows a direct access on Real-Time to the System Info and access to all Controller properties and System Properties of all the robots on the network.

You will see the Properties, Values, and units off all the items of the Robot system.

With this tool you don’t need to go Robot by Robot taking this information from the FlexPendant.

Now this information is available just in one click!


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  1. Hakan March 25, 2019 at 8:50 pm #

    2 robot üzerini program görmüyor ?

    • FlexiDrive March 26, 2019 at 10:07 am #

      You can use the FlexiConnect Free Edition for unlimited time.
      This version only allows to be connected to 2 (two) ABB IRC5 controllers or virtual controllers simultaneously.

      If you are interested in FlexiConnect Standard Edition which allows to connect to 255 controllers ABB IRC5, just let us know and we will send you more information.
      Also, we can offer customized screens for your specific application or a customized version of FlexiConnect.
      Thank you and Best Regards – The FlexiConnect Support Team

  2. carlitos321 August 24, 2015 at 12:46 am #


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