FlexiConnect Free Edition


Backup and Connectivity in the right Way!

For all ABB IRC 5 Robot Controllers.

Add to the cart now! and try your Demo Version with connectivity up two(2) real or virtual ABB IRC5 Robot Controllers!


Backups and Connectivity with your ABB IRC5 Robots

Target: For all ABB IRC5 Robot installation, production lines, production cells and stand-alone robots.

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FlexiConnect is a software product that allows you to be in control of your Robot installation and production. Once your ABB IRC5 robots are attached to your network FlexiConnect allows you to safe-guard and optimize your investment in robotics!

Main Features: 

  • Safe-Guard your Robot Data
  • Improve Your Up Time
  • Automatic Backup of all your Robots
  • Error Log Viewer
  • Controller Real-Time Status
  • Production monitoring

Connetcityvity : Real and Virtual ABB IRC5 Robot controllers

  • Ethernet P2P with one single controller
  • Ethernet LAN – Unlimited numbers of controllers – Network and Sub-Networks

* Max two(2) real controllers for FlexiConnect Free Edition.

  • Ethernet LAN + Remote connection over Internet

* Using TeamViewer

  • Virtual Controllers on ABB Robot Studio


PC Requirements:

  • System with OS Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7
  • Ethernet card

IRC5 Requirements:

  • Ethernet port – Service or LAN
  • PC Interface Option


  • Robot production lines
  • Robot production cells
  • Robotics Maintenance Office
  • Robotics Engineering Office
  • Robotics Production Office
  • Management – Remote access