FlexiConnect Standard Edition


Backup and Connectivity in the right Way!

For all ABB IRC 5 Robot Controllers.

FlexiConnect Standard Edition license for a single Robot Controller. You must add to the cart a number of licenses according to the number of ABB IRC5 Robot Controllers. All prices are in US Dollar.


Backups and Connectivity with your ABB IRC5 Robots

Target: For all ABB IRC5 Robot installation, production lines, production cells and stand-alone robots.

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FlexiConnect is a software product that allows you to be in control of your Robot installation and production. Once your ABB IRC5 robots are attached to your network FlexiConnect allows you to safe-guard and optimize your investment in robotics!

Main Features: 

  • Safe-Guard your Robot Data
  • Improve Your Up Time
  • Automatic Backup of all your Robots
  • Error Log Viewer
  • Controller Real-Time Status
  • Production monitoring

Connetcityvity : Real and Virtual ABB IRC5 Robot controllers

  • Ethernet P2P with one single controller
  • Ethernet LAN – Unlimited numbers of controllers – Network and Sub-Networks

* Max two(2) real controllers for FlexiConnect Free Edition.

  • Ethernet LAN + Remote connection over Internet

* Using TeamViewer

  • Virtual Controllers on ABB Robot Studio


PC Requirements:

  • System with OS Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7, Windows 10
  • Ethernet card

IRC5 Requirements:

  • Ethernet port – Service or LAN
  • PC Interface Option


  • Robot production lines
  • Robot production cells
  • Robotics Maintenance Office
  • Robotics Engineering Office
  • Robotics Production Office
  • Management – Remote access