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Target: All application where you need to replace a floppy drive unit and you need more storage capacity.

Storage: Multi-Volume

  • Multi-Volumen allow to store all your disks on a single SD Card!

Media replacement: 3 .5″ – 5.25″ – 8″ floppy disk.

On SCSI Applications FlexiDrive is working with the existing TEAC FC-1 SCSI Interface Board.

*A TEAC FC-1 SCSI Interface Board is not included.

Media: SD Memory Card.

Media Interface: SD Card Socket.

User Interface: LCD Alphanumeric Display with 2 lines x 16 characters with File Browser + 4 x Selection Keys.

Capacity: up 2500 “Disks” on the SD Card.

Formats: FAT DOS Compatible & Custom or Non-DOS Compatible – Multi-Format

  • 1.44Mb
  • 1.2Mb
  • 800Kb
  • 720Kb
  • 360Kb
  • Custom formats or No Standard formats

Format on the Media: Standard format

File management:  Standard .ima/.img image files compatible. Direct .ima/.img image files manage using Windows Explorer.

  • WinImage application for Windows 98, XP, Vista , Windows 7, Windows 10 – included.

( *Unregistered WinImage Standard version for use with FlexiDrive products )

Configuration: Full configurable – Jumpers free

  • FlexiConfig application for Windows 98, XP, Vista , Windows 7, Windows 10 – included.

Enclosure: New PA12-HP 3D Printed with HP Jet Fusion technology.


  • CNC – Industrial Machines
  • Textile Machines
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Technical Equipment
  • Professional Equipment
  • All Application
  • All Terrain

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