Recommended for Industrial or Technical Application.

Slim Cabinet Version: L=126 W=96 H=12.5 mm

All the prices are in USD United States dollar.



Target: For application when you need to replace the media but you don’t need more storage capacity on the media.

Recommended for Measurement Equipment, Laboratory Equipment, and Oscilloscopes as

Hitachi, Tektronix, Mitsubishi, and others.

Slim Cabinet Version: 126 x 96 x 12.5 mm – 26-way FPC connector – Pitch 1.0mm


Compatible/Direct Replacement of the following Floppy drives:

TEAC FD-05HF-5630

TEAC FD-05HF-8830



Mitsumi D353F3

Matsushita EME 279TB  – Toshiba Satellite 100CS * FlexiDrive26-Pin 1.25 To 26-Pin 1.00 FPC Adapter needed!

Samsung SFD-321S-YPC

NEC FD-1139C – Sodick NEC PC-9801US – System Drive – User Drive

NEC FD-1238T

Canon MD3661 Slim Floppy Drive Laptop Notebook floppy drive


Storage: Single-Volume

  • Single-Volume allow to use your USB Pendrive as a standard floppy disk!
  • Easy to use
  • No changes for the Operators or users – Any training is necessary.

Media: USB Pendrive

Interface: USB Port

Media replacement: 3 .5″ floppy disk drive.

Capacity: 1 Pendrive = 1 Floppy Disk

Formats: FAT DOS Compatible – Single-Format

* for NON-DOS or Special Formats custom FlexiFirmware is requiered.

  • Auto
  • 1.44 MB
  • 1.2 MB
  • 720 KB
  • 360 KB
  • Custom *

Format on the Media: FAT12 – DOS Compatible – * Custom

File management:  Direct file management. Just copy the files using DOS or Windows Explorer. ( only for FAT12 – DOS Compatible )

  • FlexiFormat – Formatting and System Disk manager Tool for Windows.
  • FlexiConfig – FlexiDrive configuration Tool for Windows.
Windows95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista , Windows 7 compatible.

Configuration: Software / Jumpres free!

  • Drive Select
  • Disk Change
  • Motor
  • HD

Cabinet: Aluminum Cabinet.


  • CNC
  • Textile Machines
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Music instruments
  • All Terrain
  • Industrial machines: Babylock Ellageo (model ESg), Brother ULT 2002D , 2003 Brother ultra 2001 sewing embroidery machine, Brother Super Galaxie 3000
  • Osciloscope: Tektronix TDS784D, TDS500, TDS600 and TDS700.
  • Stenography equipment: Stentura 8000LX
  • Notebooks Toshiba Satellite 100CS
  • Musical Keyboards: Roland Fantom FA76

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