How to Create a New Disk – WinImage

On this video you can see how easy is to create a empty disk to use on your FlexiDriveMV unit.
This is like create a empty floppy disk, a floppy disk just formatted.
You can create all the New Disks as you want and copy to your Pendrive or SD card and use it in the FlexiDrive.

Step by Step

  • Open the WinImage
  • File
  • New
  • Select one of the Standard Formats: i.e. 1.44MB
  • OK
  • File
  • Save:
  • File Name: Use the name that you want i.e. Disk01.ima
  • Save as Type: Image file (.ima)

You can copy this disk any time that you want, i.e. as Disk01.ima, Disk02.ima, Disk03.ima …Disk200.ima
Then copy this .ima files to your SD Card or Pendrive to use on the FlexiDrive unit.

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