Mazak Mazatrol M-32 Control Floppy Drive Update

FlexiDrive Floppy Drive Update for Mazak Mazatrol M-32 control

FlexiDrive is the best solution to replace the floppy drive unit on Mazak machines and on all industrial, technical or professional equipment that is using a floppy drive unit and floppies as media.

FlexiDrive support all Mazak DOS and NON-DOS (No Windows readable floppies) formats.


All your programs, files and backups on a single SD Card or USB Stick!

No more Floppies!

FlexiDrive floppy emulator is compatible with all Mazak machines with floppy drive unit.

Compatible with:

Mazak Mazatrol M-32 control

Mazak AJV 25/404 – CNC Vertical machine center

Mazak VCN-410A

Mazak Quick Turn

Mazak SQT 300 MY

Mazak VCN-410A

Mazak Vertical CNC

and All Mazak CNC machines with floppy drive unit.

Recommended FlexiDrive products for Mazak Mazatrol :



FlexiDriveMV-SD-Air with WiFi Connectivity






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