Robot Kawasaki A57F-C Floppy Drive Update

Floppy Drive update for Robot Kawasaki A57F-C

Robot Kawasaki A57F-C

All your files, programs, parameters, back-ups in a single SD or Pendrive!

FlexiDrive floppy emulator running on Robot Kawasaki A57F-C

You can storage up 2500 floppies in a single SD card or USB Pendrive.









The FlexiDriveS-R its work OK in all ABB S4 Robots controllers, including Paint versions.
This mean: S4, S4C, S4C+ ( M94, M94A, M96, M97, M97A, M98, M99, M99A, M2000, M2000A, -P ( Paint versions )
Also is OK for KUKA KRC1, KRC2, Kawasaki and COMAU Robots.

FlexiDrive ( Robotics )

• Format function is available on the FlexiDriveS4.
• No changes in the robot software.
• No changes in the user interface ( TeachPendant )
• No changes for the operators. (the procedures for save/load programs, restore/backup are exactly the same )
• You don´t need any application or software in the PC.
• Easy to install. The dimensions are exactly the same that an standard 3.5” Floppy Drive.
• Is a direct replacement. Same size, same connectors.

Full functions

• Programs/modules save/load
• System parameters save/load
• Backup/Restore
• BaseWare installation! New.
• RW System disk manage by FlexiFormat application for Windows. New!

All the design, included the aluminum cabinet, was made and tested in industrial conditions.

No changes for the users – robot operators.
FlexiFormat application for Windows ( XP, Vista, Windows 7 ) include advanced function to manage the System Pack Disk.

Full tested and used on ABB Robots, KUKA, FANUC, Kawasaki and COMAU Robots.

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